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BIG e.V.

Berliner Initiative gegen Gewalt an Frauen – BIG e.V.
Berlin initiative against violence towards women - BIG e.V.

Every forth woman in Germany has experienced domestic violence at least once in her life.

With our three institutions, BIG Koordinierung, BIG Prävention and the BIG Hotline we work at putting an end to that.

For professionals that deal with domestic violence:
BIG Koordinierung (BIG Coordination)

BIG Koordinierung examines, develops and optimizes strategies and establishes cooperations in order to improve the protection of women and their children from domestic violence and to hold perpetrators accountable.

For teachers/pedagogues and primary-school pupils:
BIG Prävention (BIG Prevention)

BIG Prävention offers preventive education programs on domestic violence at no charge for children and teens, their parents and all those working at schools

For persons affected and/or supporters:
BIG Hotline

BIG Hotline is the first point of call for women experiencing domestic violence and/or their support network. If you are looking for help, support, information or professional guidance you can give us an anonymous call at 030 - 611 03 00 

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